You asked: Is tobacco mosaic virus a virus?

Is tobacco mosaic a virus or bacteria?

TMV was the first virus to be discovered. Although it was known from the late 19th century that a non-bacterial infectious disease was damaging tobacco crops, it was not until 1930 that the infectious agent was determined to be a virus.

Tobacco mosaic virus
Genus: Tobamovirus
Species: Tobacco mosaic virus

Is Mosaic disease a virus?

mosaic, plant disease caused by various strains of several hundred viruses. A number of economically important crops are susceptible to mosaic infections, including tobacco, cassava, beet, cucumber, and alfalfa.

Why is it called tobacco mosaic virus?

Tobacco mosaic virus (TMV) is named for one of the first plants in which it was found in the 1800s. However, it can infect well over 350 different species of plants. TMV is made up of a piece of nucleic acid (ribonucleic acid; RNA) and a surrounding protein coat.

Who isolated tobacco mosaic virus?

Beijerinck, in 1898, was the first to call ‘virus’, the incitant of the tobacco mosaic. He showed that the incitant was able to migrate in an agar gel, therefore being an infectious soluble agent, or a ‘contagium vivum fluidum’ and definitively not a ‘contagium fixum’ as would be a bacteria.

Is tobacco mosaic virus prokaryotic or eukaryotic?

Eukaryotes are diploid and the DNA is organized into the multiple linear chromosomes and found in the nucleus. The tobacco Mosaic virus genome consists of the single-stranded RNA (ssRNA) which is 6400 bases long. The RNA is protected by a coat protein from cellular degradation.

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Can any plant get mosaic virus?

Mosaic viruses affect a wide range of edible crops – alfalfa, apples, beans, celery, corn, cucumbers, figs, peppers, spinach, tobacco and tomatoes are some of the more common ones. They can also infect ornamental plants like abultilon, delphinium, gladiola, marigold, petunia and one of the most notable, roses.

Why is tobacco mosaic virus important?


Tobacco mosaic virus causes a mottled browning of tobacco leaves, and accordingly is of major economic importance. It also infects other crops, most notably tomatoes. The virus is spread mechanically from infected plants to scratched or damaged leaves of normal plants.

What type of pathogen is tobacco mosaic virus?

TMV is a viral plant pathogen and a member of a large group of viruses within the genus Tobamovirus.