You asked: What do you mean by weaving Where did we use in our daily life?

What is weaving used for today?

Weaving had been changed to a manufacturing industry. Textile workers were among the founders of the modern labour movements. Today most of our textile needs are supplied by commercially woven cloth. A large and complex cloth making industry uses automated machines to produce our textiles.

How is weaving done India?

Most weaving in India is done on handlooms, powered manually rather than by industrial means. Fabric is often used for saris, women’s garments made from one long piece of cloth. Fabrics may be made of cotton, wool, or silk. … Silks from India include brocades, fabrics with raised designs, made in Banaras.

What is weaving class 6 short answer?

The process of arranging 2 or more yarns together to make a fabric is called Weaving. Weaving is either hand operated (handloom) or power operated.

What is weaving short answer Class 4?

In weaving, fabrics are produced by interlacing two different sets of yarns (threads) horizontally or vertically or by arranging yarns passing in one direction with other yarns at right angles to them. In weaving, two sets of yarns are used simultaneously to make a fabric. Yarn is woven to make a fabric by using looms.

What is weaving for Class 6 science?

Weaving: The process of combining and organizing two different sets of yarns together to make fabric is called weaving. It can be done on looms that are either – hand operated or power operated.

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