You asked: What is a 301 stitch?

What is a class 100 stitch?

Stitch class 100 are formed with one or more needle threads, and are characterized by intra-looping. Intra-loping the passing of a loop of thread through another loop by the same thread. It is very economical, flexible but unravels too easily. It is mainly used for basting, button sewing and hemming operations.

What is Intralooping?

Intralooping. When one loop of a thread is passed through another loop of same thread it is called intralooping.

What is a Merrowed hem?

A merrowed edge finish is done on a surging machine, typically with a matching thread. The merrowed finish seals the edges of the fabric to prevent fraying. A hemmed edge finish is when the seamstress folds over the edges of the fabric and sews the fold down (like the hems on your shirt and pants.)

What is a Merrowing machine?

Merrow is the very well known Brand of industrial, high speed machine that gives you an impeccably ROLLED HEM (like ruffles on a wedding dress) or ROLLED EDGE (like a dinner napkin, handkechief, a motocycle patch). Cute little tops are made in the stores with this type of edging on it.

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