You asked: What is the front of knitting?

Which is the back of your knitting?

Most often, the right side is the one that is dominated by knit stitches while the backside is predominantly purl stitches. For instance, the simple Herringbone pattern looks like a fabulous set of knitted V’s in an overlapping series of ‘V’ patterns on the front side.

What is right front in knitting?

Thanks for any help. Dear Knitter, The standard convention (at least here in the U.S., and in the patterns I’ve done for Vogue and seen in magazines like Rowan and Rebecca) is to refer to the Right and Left AS WORN. So, the Right Front is the Right Front of the sweater-wearer.

What is front edge in knitting?

right: As in “beginning at right front neck edge.” Refers to right as opposed to left. When a pattern specifies a right front, it means the front that would be on your right side as you would wear it.

Which side is the wrong side in knitting?

You see, most knitting stitches and patterns are not reversible. There is a good side and a side that often looks quite plain or even a bit wonky. And this good side, where the pattern looks at its best is called the right side, while the back is referred to as the wrong side.

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