Best answer: What can I use instead of a cover stitch?

Do I really need a coverstitch machine?

If you sew a lot of knits, a coverstitch machine can be a massive time saver, not just when sewing hems, but also when topstitching elastic for activewear, swimsuits, and underwear, too.

Can I use my overlocker as a coverstitch?

Yes, it can but it may take some work to do without the cover stitch option. Here are some simple steps to follow to get the cover stitch done on a serger machine: Once you have set up your serger, rotate the hand wheel towards you one full turn. Place the cloth you are sewing right side up and under the foot.

Does Brother 1034d do coverstitch?

Answer: The Brother 1034DX does not do a cover stitch it is a 3/4 thread serger. … I also bought the Brother Coverstitch machine and that is exclusively a coverstitch machine.

How much is a Coverstitch machine?

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Do you need a coverstitch machine if you have a serger?

If you want to start sewing, a sewing machine is an absolute necessity whereas a serger and coverstitch machine are optional. Even if you used a serger for most of your project, you would still need a basic sewing machine for zippers, buttonholes, topstitching and basting.

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