Best answer: What is the function of stitch width dial?

What does the stitch selection dial do?

Stitch Length Selector – this dial lets you adjust the length of your stitches for different applications. Different sewing machines will have different maximum stitch lengths. Hand Wheel – the hand wheel lets you manually move the needle up and down.

Why is stitch width important?

For the stitch width, look for the dial with mountains and peaks that start off flat and gradually grow taller. The range is typically from size 0 to 5mm on most sewing machines but can be wider. The stitch width determines how far the stitch will go from side to side.

What is stitch width?

The stitch width is how wide each stitch can be made, from a narrow stitch to a wide stitch. The stitch width adjustment gives the machine the ability to go from a straight line stitch to a zigzag stitch. Stitch Width. The stitch length determines how much fabric is fed under the presser foot.

What is maximum stitch width?

All machines measure the stitch width in millimeters (mm). Some makes and models have a maximum stitch width of 4 to 6 mm. Others create stitches as wide as 9 mm. … When it comes to decorative stitches, it usually is.

What controls how narrow or wide the stitch is?

thread tension control. regulates tightness or looseness of thread. stitch width control. determines whether the zigzag or decorative stitch is narrow or wide.

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What is the dial on a sewing machine?

That’s a tension dial, for adjusting how taut the upper thread is held while sewing; the adjustments run from 1 (least tension) to 5 (greatest tension), and allow you to adjust the pull of the upper thread against the thread coming from the bobbin.