Best answer: What is the sentence of sewed?

How do you use sewed in a sentence?

Sewed sentence example

  1. She simply wore what her mother sewed for her. …
  2. Topstitch where you just sewed to further finish the edges. …
  3. 7, ” They sewed fig leaves together and made themselves breeches.”

What is the sentence of sow?

Sow sentence example. It is well to sow at least two bushels to the acre.” The bear was a sow with two cubs. This man, I trow, has got the right sow by the ear.”

What is the sentence of example?

A lot has changed. He has a daughter, but his wife must not live with him because he needs a sitter, she stammered. He has been here about an hour. He says he has a cold.

How do you write sewed?

Sew (Stitch with a Needle and Thread)

It also has just one meaning, which is “stitch with a needle and thread.” For example: I am going to sew elbow patches onto my jacket. “Sew” is an irregular verb, too. As such, the past tense of this verb can be either “sewn” (past participle) or “sewed” (simple past tense).

Is it sewed or sewn?

The past tense of sew is sewed. The past participle can be either sewn or sewed. Sewn is more common. She sewed all her own dresses.

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Is it sew or sow?

Explanation: Sewing is stitching something together, like a tailor sews two pieces of fabric or a doctor sews a nasty cut. Sowing, on the other hand, is planting, as in putting seeds in the ground that you hope will grow. … When you plant seeds you sow them.

Are sown?

When a farmer’s fields are sown, it means that she’s planted seeds in them. If you sow something, you scatter seeds on it or plant tiny seedlings in it.

How do you spell sew sewing?

verb (used with object), sewed, sewn or sewed, sew·ing. to join or attach by stitches. to make, repair, etc., (a garment) by such means. to enclose or secure with stitches: to sew flour in a bag.

Is a sow a pig?

The verb sow is pronounced completely differently from the noun sow, which means “a female pig.” When you sow flower seeds, it rhymes with “go.” When you admire an enormous, muddy sow in a pig pen, it rhymes with “cow.” When two words are spelled the same but sound different, they’re called heteronyms.

Has in Tamil meaning sentence?

[M] [T] I have a big dog. [M] [T] I have a problem. [M] [T] I have been busy. [M] [T] I have to go now.

Is there a short sentence?

[M] [T] She has never visited him.

What is the word sewn?

Anything sewn has been fastened, patched, or stitched. The adjective sewn is also the past participle of the verb sew, which is rooted in the Old English siwian, “to stitch, mend, patch, or knit together.”

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What does sewed up mean?

transitive verb. 1 : to mend completely by sewing. 2 : to get exclusive use or control of. 3 : to make certain of : be assured of the team sewed up the division title.