Best answer: Which is the famous embroidery of West Bengal explain?

What is the embroidery of West Bengal?

The chief types of embroidery in West Bengal are the kantha with folk motifs, the chikan, zari work, and kashida. Chikan embroidery is fine and delicate and done on muslin or cotton cloth of a fine texture. The decoration is linear in appearance and done with light-coloured thread.

What is kantha of Bengal?

Kantha is a centuries-old tradition of stitching patchwork cloth from rags, which evolved from the thrift of rural women in the Bengali region of the sub-continent – today the eastern Indian states of West Bengal and Orissa, and Bangladesh.

Why is Nakshi Kantha famous for?

The running stitch called “kantha stitch” is the main stitch used for the purpose. Traditionally, kantha was produced for the use of the family.

Nakshi Kantha
Description A traditional embroidery art of Bangladesh, Eastern India, and Northeastern India
Country Bangladesh and India
Material Cloth, usually cotton

What is Kashmiri embroidery?

Kashmiri embroidery, which is also called Kashida embroidery, is a type of needlework from the Kashmir region of India. This is one of the most beautiful forms of embroidery in the country, distinguished by its use of a single long stitch to make the design.

What Colour is Kantha embroidery?

Since old dhotis and sarees were the original source of Kantha threads, the colours prevalent in this type of embroidery are those commonly found in daily life-yellow, red, green, black and blue. Natural substances were used for making the dyes of Kantha fabric.

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What is Kantha Jewellery?

Kantha quilts are a traditional textile found all over India, made from layers of old cotton saris, sewn together with a running “kantha” stitch. Artisans transform the scraps into beads for jewelry and nothing goes to waste! New life is given to a textile that would otherwise be discarded.

Why do u like Nakshi Katha?

I like Nakshi Kantha because of the following reasons:

It is one of the oldest art forms. It is easy to stitch. We can embroidery on old clothes. … Nakshi Kanth is a type of traditional embroidery art form that is notable in Bangladesh and Eastern Indian states of West Bengal, Tripura, etc.