Can I use Minc foil with foil Quill?

What foils work with the MINC?

Yes, thermal toner foils will work with nearly any heat source, including the Minc machines (which are essentially little laminators).

Will Minc foil work with Cricut?

One of the best features with this machine is that it works perfectly with other machines, so if you like Cricut machines, Silhouette machines, or whatever other type of electronic cutting machine, you will love the way it coordinates with your foil fusion projects.

Is hot foil the same as toner foil?

Thermal foils are designed for use with the Gemini Foil Press. Crafter’s Companion Foils are thermal. Toner Reactive Foils require toner (printed imagery and/or toner infused sprays/glues/pastes, etc.) and heat.

Can you use a laminator instead of a Minc?

Also, with the laminating machine, you do not need the Minc transfer folder. Take a piece of good quality parchment paper, cut it a little less than the width of your machine, fold it in half to make a folder. Then place your project piece face up, the foil sheet on top of that, SHINY side up, facing you.

Can you use a normal laminator for foiling?

Pouch laminators with adjustable heats and speeds are the best for foil laminating. Since a carrier is a necessity, this means that more heat is needed to get through to the foil. Laminators that can laminate 10 mil pouches or higher are best.

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Why is my foiling patchy?

Is your Foil Laminator too hot? If you have brushed your page and the speckles are not being removed, then your laminator may be too hot (or too slow). Try lowering the temperature or increasing the speed and running a new sheet to see if that reduces the speckles.

Is Minc foil heat reactive?

The Minc reactive foil was… less than reactive with the Foil Quill. In fact it did not react at all when the Foil Quill did its pass over the foil. This is because the Minc foil is adhesive reactive, meaning that it needs something to bond it to the base material.