Can you add a border to a knit blanket?

Does a knitted blanket need a border?

Knitting a blanket is a time-consuming project. … This problem can be easily solved by adding a knitted border around the piece. A simple border can be added any time and can even be done in a different color, texture or size of yarn.

How do you edge a knitted blanket with fabric?

Hand sew the fabric to the back of the blanket using a ladder stitch. Repeat for all the four sides, leaving the pointy corners loose. Remembering to pin out your knitted edge to stabilise it. Once you have all four edges on the corners will still be loose and moving around.

How do you make a knitted blanket wider?

By picking up stitches down the side of the garment, you can add a panel worked perpendicular to the original knitting. With RS facing, pick up two stitches for every three rows along the side seam and work in stocking stitch in rows until the desired extra width is complete.

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