Can you decoupage furniture with wallpaper?

Can you decoupage with wallpaper paste?

You can use wallpaper paste all the time if you want to, but I personally find that modge podge works great on the small areas. 4. When you have completely covered your surface with modge podge, place the wallpaper on top working from left to right making sure you work out all the bubbles.

Can you Modge podge wallpaper?

I let the Mod Podge dry for several days and finished it by applying a coat of clear glaze to the book page wall paper so I can (and do) wash the bathroom walls with soap and water. I used clear glaze because Mod Podge did not make water resistant Mod Podge Outdoor or waterproof Mod Podge Dishwasher Safe at the time.

How do you seal decoupage?

To preserve the job, particularly if you expect the object to get wet, it’s wise to seal it using either varnish or polyurethane. Before you do so, gently buff the decoupaged surface with steel wool, then clean it with a damp cloth. Once it has dried, proceed to apply the sealer.

Can you varnish over wallpaper?

Once the wallpaper is dry, you can apply a decorators varnish. A decorators varnish is similar to a wood furniture or hardwood floor varnish but it is made for other types of surfaces including wallpaper. Applying a varnish will protect it from water damage, stains and will help stop mould as well.

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