How do I display my cross stitch?

Can you cross stitch with a sewing machine?

Embroidery can be done by machine, and now so can cross-stitch! Cross-stitch by machine can be done on any fabric, so you can use aida for a hand-made look, or add cross-stitch to fabrics that you normally wouldn’t use, making the art very versatile.

How do you hang a cross stitch on a canvas frame?

Back your stitching with interfacing and press. Measure your canvas frame and mark the halfway points along each edge. Join up these points in pencil to make a cross on your frame. Use a pin to push through the central stitch of your cross stitched image – the point where the two ‘0’ gridlines cross on the chart.

How do you make a needlework scroll frame?

If you don’t want to or can’t turn to the online shops to purchase these frames directly from the United States, you could try “doing it yourself” and build one or more frames, without too much trouble. I made one especially to have the scroll rods 85 cm.

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