How do I dispose of old sewing needles?

Can you recycle pins?

Metal backed-buttons and pins (like campaign buttons) that are at least 80% metal are accepted as metal at all CSWD Drop-Off Centers except the Burlington and Hinesburg locations. These items do not belong in recycling.

How do I know what sewing machine needle to use?

The first colour indicates the needle type and the second colour indicates the needle size. For example, as shown on the colour chart: the first colour on the needle diagram is yellow, which means that the needle is a Stretch needle. The second colour is mauve, which means the needle size is a 75/11.

How do you dispose of a rotary blade?

If you keep your dull rotary blades, you can put them back in the little flat container they came in and mail them in a bubble envelope to LP Sharp for recycling. By doing this, you’ll receive a hefty discount on new blade purchases! Take used rotary blades to your local recycling center or to a scrap metal business.

How do you dispose of pins?

Trashing old needles, rotary cutting blades and pins should always be a last resort. Safely store and dispose of these items in a container to prevent them from becoming loose in the trash, and then place the container in the garbage.

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