How do I keep my sewing patterns organized?

Is there an app for sewing patterns?

ANDROID Sewing Apps

Sew Awesome app: App helps sewers track all their sewing essentials. Sewing Pattern Buddy: App designed to bring your entire pattern collection to your fingertips. Free motion Quilting Idea App: App has tutorials for 16 different all over free motion quilting designs.

How do you use pattern storage?

Pattern Storage is a machine that stores Crystal Memory patterns that are to be used in a Replicator. To get a pattern, you place a blank Crystal Memory into a Scanner, along with an item. Once it finished scanning you place the Crystal Memory into the Pattern Storage.

What can I do with unwanted sewing patterns?

Goodwill or Salvation Army: Thrift stores usually take pattern donations. Giving your assortment of sewing patterns to a nonprofit is tax-deductible. 4-H Sewing Clubs: These local clubs teach children to sew, and they may be interested in your patterns.

Is there an app for fabric?

About Fabric

With Fabric’s app, parents can create a free will and organize their family’s important financial information.

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