How do you find a knitted test?

What is a knit test?

Test knitting is the phase in new pattern design in which the pattern draft (sometimes also called ‘beta pattern’) is sent to actual knitters to see if they’re able to produce the intended outcome following the designer’s instructions.

How do you run a test in knitting?


  1. Put out a call for your test knitters with a specific call to action. Whether that’s on your social media pages, to your local yarn shop, yarnie knit night friends or whatever. …
  2. Ask Questions. …
  3. Assess, assess, assess. …
  4. Set Expectations. …
  5. Check in during the process. …
  6. Be open to criticism.

Do knitting testers get paid?

Generally, testers do not get compensated.

How much do test knitters get paid?

She explains that test knitters provide a valuable service which enables designers to maintain a good reputation and sell high-quality, easy-to-understand patterns. Knitwear designer Holly Priestley says that she pays between $75 and $200 for knitters who create samples of her designs.

How do I get paid to knit?

Offer your services

  1. design knitting patterns – there are so many people who can write a knitting pattern, but can’t handle a computer.
  2. proofread and edit someone else’s knitting patterns.
  3. be a tutor for someone.
  4. offer your services to yarn companies.
  5. edit articles about knitting.
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Why do people test knit?

The job of test knitters is to do the following:

Proof the pattern for mathematical errors. Make sure the pattern reads clearly and can be understood by the level of knitter or crocheter the designer is targeting. … This can be used for marketing of the pattern and so the designer can see the finished object on your body …

How much does a knitting tech editor make?

There is no “average” sum of what a tech editor can charge. Each can choose their own fees (as long as a designer is willing to pay it). Some charge per page or project, others charge on an hourly basis. While many charges between 10-20 per hour, some tech editors will charge $75 per hour or more.

How do I sell hand knit items online?

If you design your own knits, consider writing out the patterns for other knitters. You can often sell these in local yarn shops or on online marketplaces like Etsy or Ravelry. With a little promotion, you could potentially make a passive income to support your yarn addiction.

How do you become a knitted sample?

Contact your favourite designer or yarn company and ask them if they need any new sample knitter. Magazines may sometimes hire sample knitters but most designers organise their own knitters.

Can you buy we are knitters patterns?

Our patterns are only available within our kits and we do not usually sell them separately. However, we recommend that you take a look on our free patterns section, we are sure that you will find lots of nice ideas for your next DIY projects!

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What should I knit to sell?

Children’s items, like mittens, hats, and scarves, also sell well, particularly as holiday gifts. Themed goods, like those featuring characters from children’s movies, are hot right now. There are lots of patterns on the internet for hats and mittens with Minions or the characters from Frozen on them.