How do you make yarn tassels straight?

How do you keep tassels from tangling?

If the fringe-strands are long enough, protect them from tangling by tying them in one or more loose overhand knot(s). After washing and drying, undo the knot(s). If the fringe is too short to tie in a knot, snap a hair-tie around the fringe.

How do you keep tassels from fraying?

Apply fray-preventing gel to the ends of the trimmed fringe. Put a small drop of the gel on a cotton swab and run the swab over the edges in small sections, completely coating the raw edges of the fringe in the gel. Let the fringe dry for an hour.

How do you straighten a fringe on a purse?

Pull the fringe straight with your hands working out any kinks as you go from the top of the fringe to the bottom. If it doesn’t respond, you may have to re-wet it. You can also try to straighten it, by placing a solid object underneath it and use a rubber mallet to pound on it and help work out the kinks.

How do you take care of a tassel?

Air dry. Very delicate beaded fringe and tassels should be removed from the fabric prior to cleaning. Washable ball and tassel fringes can be revived from the harsh effects of frequent washing and drying by passing a steam iron over the tassels / balls to restore fluffiness.

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