How do you sew an invisible hole?

What stitch do you use for hemming?

The blind-hem stitch is primarily used for hemming curtains, trousers, skirts, etc. Directions: 1. First finish the raw edge.

What is a blind hem stitch used for?

Blind stitching hides stitching under folded edges; therefore, this type of stitch can be used to create a blind hem or to join two folded edges together. Blind hem stitches are completely hidden on the front of the garment and almost completely hidden on the inside of the garment.

What stitch should I use to sew the fabric edge to prevent raveling?

Zig-Zag Stitch

A simple machine zig-zag on the edge also works well on cotton fabrics. Try a zig-zag of width 3 and length 3 and see how that looks and whether the fraying is stopped. A three-step zig-zag is also a good stitch to stop fraying and can make the edges sit flatter.

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