Question: How are garments knit without seams?

What is seamless knitting?

Seamless knitting is an exciting technology that has the capability of making ready-to-wear 3D tubular garments directly from yarns without any lateral seams. There are many possibilities in the design and structure of garments with better fit and comfort (Gross, 2001).

Can you knit seams together?

Thread the sewing needle under the corresponding V stitch on the other side and pull the yarn through. Repeat steps 2 to 5 until the seam is complete. Pull the thread to bring the seams neatly together. You want to ensure your seam has some elasticity and resembles a row of knit stitches so don’t pull too tight.

Is it easier to knit sweater flat or in the round?

When knitting the body of a sweater in the round, it gets too big to carry around with you unless you like to haul a shopping bag. … It is easier to correct mistakes in a flat-knitted piece than a piece worked in the round, especially if you need to take all the stitches off the needles and rip back to the mistake.

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