Question: What do you wear under a see through knit sweater?

What should I wear inside transparent top?

Have the right underwear

If you wear a plain singlet or cami underneath a sheer blouse it gives you plenty of coverage so you can feel comfortable wearing it to work or a more formal setting. If you want to have an edgier look you could also wear a solid, black triangle bra or cami or a bandeau top underneath.

How do you make a crop top not see through?

Put on a second sheer top over the see-through shirt for coverage. If you don’t feel like finding an undershirt that blends in with your skin tone, wear another layer over your see-through shirt. Try a lightweight top like a mesh shirt so it doesn’t completely hide your see-through shirt.

What is knitted jumpers called?

8 letter answer(s) to knitted jumper


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