Question: What does Invdec mean in crochet?

What is Slst in crochet?

sl st = slip stitch

It is used to join stitches that are worked in rounds such as a granny square. … Yarn over, draw yarn through chain and the loop on your hook in one motion (slip stitch made).

What does it mean to drop a loop in crochet?

Learn how to crochet drop stitches with this step-by-step video tutorial! … The Drop Loop stitch is a very unique crochet stitch that uses a wooden dowel or knitting needle to create loops of yarn. Crochet chains are pulled up to form ‘loops’ and then the loops slide onto the dowel.

Why do I drop stitches when crocheting?

4. Why do I lose stitches? A major cause of stitch loss is failing to put a stitch into the last stitch of the row. The last stitch can get quite tight and may not look like a ‘real’ stitch – but it is.

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