Quick Answer: What is tailor made program?

What is tailor program?

A tailored training program is designed specifically for a particular company. … The development of a tailored training program begins by studying the company’s expression of needs, then continues by constructing, step by step, a dedicated learning path in close collaboration with the organization.

What is tailor made training program?

A tailor-made training is designed to meet the specific needs and requirements of the requesting organization. The clients sets the objectives, topics, location, course length and number of participants during the intake with CWTS. … CWTS sends the final program to the client for approval.

What is tailor made?

Tailor-made means made to fit the needs or specifications of a particular situation, object, or person—or seeming as though it was made that way. In its most literal sense, tailor-made is used to describe a piece of clothing made by a tailor, especially a suit. … Things other than clothing can be tailor-made.

What is tailor-made solution?

Also referred to as bespoke or custom software, this is a solution developed to meet your business needs and requirements precisely.

What is tailor-made in business?

tailor-made | Business English

specially made for a particular person, organization, or purpose: All the facilities will be tailor-made. … tailor-made to do sth These training modules can be tailor-made to meet specific corporate needs.

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What does tailored mean in business?

1a : the business or occupation of a tailor. b : the work or workmanship of a tailor. 2 : the making or adapting of something to suit a particular purpose.

What is the purpose of tailored software?

Nowadays, customized software is a particular solution for any company or business. It is made up of customers’ demands, for instance, specific requirements of an entity or an administration, allow to cover their needs completely.

What are the advantages of tailor made software?

5 advantages of tailor made software

  • Efficiency. Custom software helps to increase productivity by making the processes swift due to it being tailored – according to your business needs. …
  • Independence. …
  • Increased security. …
  • Personalized customer experience. …
  • Cut extra costs for excess features.

What is the difference between packaged and tailored software?

Package software is developed by computer technicians. modified or changed if there is need because these software are custom-built. Tailored Software- Tailored software is the software that is developed as per the specifications and requirements of the users.