What can I make with a long loom knitting?

What is a long loom used for?

The long looms can be used for circular knitting (just like the round loom only squished into an oval), or you can do double or single knitting (by only using some of the pegs).

What can you make with a large round loom?

I thought about all the things can be made on a round loom. A simple knit hat, scarves, bracelets, umbrella holders, ties and belts can be made using circular looms. She was shocked to discover that not all the finished work had to be round. You can get a square from a circle.

Can you make a sweater with a knitting loom?

You can make a sweater on a Knifty Knitter round loom set. (Of course you can also use the straight looms they sell, but say you bought the round set just to learn how to use it to see if you̵… Spool Knit a Sweater!

What size loom do I need for a baby blanket?

Large Gauge (11/16”) loom with at least 62 pegs.

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