What does Dee Wangero plan to do with the quilts?

What does Wangero do with the quilt?

What does Wangero want to do with these things? Why? She wants to hang them because she thinks they are antiques that represent her heritage.

What does Dee intend to do with her grandmother’s quilts?

Dee wants to put the quilts on the wall as artwork for her and others to admire. Mama does say that when Dee went away to school that she offered her one of the quilts, which Dee turned down. However, after Dee goes to school, she changes her perspective and now sees the quilts as cultural artifacts.

What does Dee plan to do with the items she asks to have?

What does she intend to do with each one? Dee asks to have the butter churn and she wants to use the lid for it should be a centerpiece and she wants to paint it. She also wants quilts because she wants to hang them to preserve them.

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What does Dee want to do with the quilts that Mama has?

When Mama offers Dee different quilts, Dee explains she wants the old quilts because of the hand stitching and the pieces of dresses stitched in that Grandma used to wear. Mama’s internal focalization on the quilts detail is not mirrored in Dee.

Does Wangero get the quilts?

Expert Answers

Mama, the narrator, ultimately gives the family quilts to Maggie instead of Dee (Wangero) because she recognizes that Dee gets everything she wants, that she’s even already claimed the quilts as her own, because they were promised to Maggie, and because Maggie is the daughter who wants them for the…

What do the quilts mean to Dee in everyday use?

In “Everyday Use” quilts represent the creativity, skill, and resourcefulness of African American women. Women like Grandma Dee used and reused whatever material they had at hand to create functional, beautiful items. Quilts also represent the Johnson family heritage in particular.

Why does Dee want the quilts that are hand stitched?

In Alice Walker’s “Everyday Use,” Dee wants the quilts simply because they would make attractive accents to her new home and her new life, not because they have significance having been sewn by hand by women who came before her, worked hard, suffered and built a life for themselves.

In what ways do the quilts hold different meanings for Dee Wangero and for Maggie?

In what ways do the quilts hold different meanings to Maggie and Dee? heritage means different things to Maggie and Dee. For Maggie, heritage is something living, something that exists in the present. For Dee they are a memory of the past.

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Who deserves the quilts in everyday use?

In short, Maggie gets the quilts at the end of Walker’s “Everyday Use.” Mama initially promised the quilts to Maggie, but when Dee turns up on her visit home, she tries to convince Mama that Maggie will simply use the quilts until they turn into rags.

What does Dee Wangero plan to do with the items that she requests What is ironic about her request for these objects and her professed interest in her heritage?

What does Dee intend to do with the items she requests? What is ironic about her requests for these objects and her professed interest in her heritage? The objects Dee asks to have are the church top and dasher quilts. They were family made and Dee wanted no interest even though her Mom wanted to.

What do the quilts mean to Dee?

To Dee, the quilt is nothing more than a piece of art: something that would look nice in her new place. … The quilt becomes a “bone of contention” when Dee insists that she should have it. At the same time, however, she does not want it because of the loving family hands that have toiled over it.

What do the quilts symbolize?

The quilts are pieces of living history, documents in fabric that chronicle the lives of the various generations and the trials, such as war and poverty, that they faced. The quilts serve as a testament to a family’s history of pride and struggle.

How does Dee change in Everyday Use?

how has Dee changed when she arrives to see her family? she changed her name, and wears the hairstyle of someone who has embraced black pride. Why does Dee want the quilts? she wants to hang the quilts to call attention to her African heritage.

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What does Dee want from mother?

Dee in “Everyday Use” wants the quilts, which her mother and sister Maggie actually still use for everyday use around the house, as a symbol of her heritage and her connectedness to her ancient ancestors.