What is Shu embroidery?

What does Chinese embroidery usually have to do with?

Suzhou artists are able to use more than 40 needlework and a 1,000 different types of threads to make embroidery, typically with nature and environment themes such as flowers, birds, animals and even gardens on a piece of cloth.

What is double sided embroidery?

Double-sided embroidery means the finished product looks exactly the same on both sides of the fabric. The method of making this embroidery is very complicated. All thread ends are skillfully concealed between layers of stitch work.

What is Chinese silk?

A soft, lightweight durable silk fabric, made in a plain or twill weave. It is one of the cheapest Silk fabrics available and is mainly used in lining. Silk fabric is created mainly by ‘Silkworm Moths’ called Bombyx Mori. …

Why is embroidery from Guizhou Province China unique?

Its unique feature is that the horsetail is wrapped with silk thread for embroidery. Its unique embroidery art is known as the “living fossil in embroidery”. Moreover, the Shui people have long worshipped horses. Horses in Shui represent freedom, energy and strength.

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