What is the face of a weld bead called?

What is a weld face?

The exposed surface of a weld on the side from which welding was done.

What is the shape of the face of the weld bead?

A weld with a convex contour has a face that protrudes out in a convex shape from its toes; a weld with a concave contour has a face that is concave (sinks in from its toes); and a weld with a flush contour has a face that is flush with the base metal, or is flat from one toe to the other.

What is the correct term for the top surface of a weld bead?

Two pieces of metal butted together at a 90 degree angle, a bead is run half way into each piece. Depending on the thickness, it could take one bead, or multiple beads TIED-IN to each other. Fillet Weld Face – The surface or top of the weld.

What is the root face of a weld?

The weld root is the point at which the back of a weld intersects with the base metal surfaces. It determines the weld penetration and fusion to form a rigid joint.

What is face reinforcement in welding?

Weld reinforcement on the side of the joint from which welding was done.

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What is the final pass of a weld called?

cover pass. the final weld pass of a multiple-pass weld that forms the weld face.

What is a weld made in a corner called?

Corner joint

When pieces to be welded are joined at 90 degrees and take the shape of an L, they form a corner joint. These joints are easy to assemble and require little if any edge preparation. They’re often used for projects or applications that require a square frame, such as fabricating a weld table.

What is concavity in welding?

The maximum distance from the face of a concave fillet weld perpendicular to a line joining the weld toes.

What are the part of the groove weld?

Identifying the Parts of a Groove Weld

  • Bevel Face.
  • Slope.
  • Leg.
  • Toe.

What is effective throat in welding?

The minimum distance from the fillet weld face, minus any convexity, and the weld root. In the case of a fillet weld combined with a groove weld, the weld root of the groove weld shall be used.