What is the importance of drafting and lifting plans in weaving?

What is a weaving lift plan?

The term “lifting plan” refers to the shafts that are raised for each row of weaving. For a table loom you follow a lifting plan, usually moving levers for each shaft that must be raised. A treadle loom provides the convenience of raising more than one shaft at the same time.

What is drafting in textile?

Drawing, also called Drafting, in yarn manufacture, process of attenuating the loose assemblage of fibres called sliver (q.v.) by passing it through a series of rollers, thus straightening the individual fibres and making them more parallel.

What does it mean to draft a plan?

A plan for which a draft plan has been coordinated and agreed with the other military headquarters and is ready for coordination with the nations involved, that is those nations who would be required to take national actions to support the plan.

What is a lifting plan?

▶ “Lift Plan” is an inclusive term for risk assessments, method statements and supporting information, such as a schedule of lifts, drawings and photographs. ▶ Leans towards a more definitive requirement for. Appointed Person attendance on Complex Lifts.

What is point draft?

Point draft or V-Draft and broken draft are the two important drafting system of woven design. … Point draft is used for woven structures which are symmetrical about the centre and they are frequently employed to produce diamond effect. It is used where the straight draft cannot be applied because of large repeat.

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Which drafting system is used for plain weave?

This enables to decrease the density of heald on each shaft and to reduce the friction of threads against thread and thread against heald. Skip draft is used in plain weave.

What is perfect drafting?

Perfect / Ideal Drafting Real / Actual Drafting – All fibers in sliver are straight and having equal length. – Not straight & equal length. – Perfect orientation of fiber along the sliver axis. – Not perfectly orientated. – Distance between consecutive fiber ends is uniform throughout the sliver. –

How draft occurs in a drafting zone?

Drafting occurs when a stream of fibers passes through an acceleration zone5. The place where the acceleration occurs is called a ‘draft zone’ and it is necessary to control the fiber flowing through it.

Why is drawing process so important in manmade fiber production?

Drawing is very important process of spinning. This process used to increase the orientation of polymer molecules. It produce filament with desired strength.