When entering a weave lane Motorists must yield right of way to?

Which must yield the right-of-way in this weave lane?

What is a weave lane? when the Traffic entering and exiting the expressway uses the same lane. To avoid a conflict, the driver in the car entering from the entrance ramp must yield the right-of-way to the driver in the car who is leaving the expressway. You just studied 13 terms!

Which traffic required to yield on the ramp at the weave lane?

Is the exiting or entering traffic required to yield on a weave lane ramp? Yes, entering traffic is required to yield to exiting traffic.

When entering an expressway using a weave lane you must?

When entering an expressway on a weave lane, yield to drivers using the same weave lane to exit. The extreme left lane of an expressway is for faster traffic, and the right lane is for slower traffic: Use the right lane for driving more slowly or if you’re planning to leave the expressway after a short time.

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When entering highways parkways and turnpikes Motorists must yield to?

Highways, parkways and turnpikes are divided roadways and are generally multi-laned. Traffic on each side of the divide will travel in only one direction. There are no direct intersections. Motorists must yield to traffic already on the roadway before moving from an acceleration lane into the proper lane.

Who is required to yield in a weave lane *?

Highways – If entering a highway, drivers must yield to traffic and enter the right lane only when safe. When entering a highway in a weave lane — where the entrance lane to the highway is the same lane as an exit lane — drivers exiting have the right-of-way.

Who has the right of way in a weave zone?

In most situations, traffic exiting the highway through a weave lane has the right of way over traffic entering the highway. The weave area road sign is not used across the whole country and you may not see it in some states.

What is a weave lane?

Lane weaving occurs when cars and other large vehicles move from one lane to another repeatedly. … Typically, lane weaving means that one vehicle is going to another lane and then returning to their original lane later. Sometimes though, a car may also weave within their own lane to overtake other vehicles.

Who is responsible for yielding at traffic circle?

VDOT traffic engineers said oncoming traffic must yield the right of way to vehicles inside the circle. In addition, when two drivers enter the roundabout simultaneously, the motorist traveling in the inner lane must yield the right of way to the vehicle in the outer lane of the circle.

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When entering an expressway you must do which of the following?

D. Bring your vehicle to a complete stop before entering the highway if no other vehicles are present. Unless absolutely necessary, you should always avoid bringing your vehicle to a complete stop before entering a high-speed expressway. Enter the expressway and merge with other traffic as safely as possible.

When entering an expressway What is the acceleration lane?

When entering the freeway using the acceleration lane or on-ramp, you’ll want to accelerate to the speed of traffic on the freeway. Use the length of the acceleration lane to get up to speed, put your turn signal on to indicate that you are merging, wait for a large enough gap in traffic, and merge when safe to do so.

When entering an expressway in the acceleration lane you should quizlet?

slow or stop before entering the acceleration lane or expressway. should plan for fuel, food, and rest. a minimum of three seconds.