Where can I buy Kandi beads?

How much does Kandi beads cost?

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Are Kandi beads pony beads?

Our Kandi Kids collection includes everything that you need to be the star of your favorite club or the bright spot of the next festival – more beads, brighter colors and new designs. New Designs – Our standard barrel and novelty shaped pony beads and spacers now have some new friends. …

What does Kandi mean?

▼ as a name for girls is an English and Latin name, and the name Kandi means “sweet; clarity, whiteness“. Kandi is an alternate form of Candy (English): from the French word “sucre candi”. Kandi is also a variant of Kandace (Latin). STARTS WITH Ka-

Why are they called pony beads?

Beads were important for early trade items because they were compact and easily transportable. “Pony” beads, thus named because they were transported by traders with pony pack trains, arrived in the early 1800s.

What is a Kandi Kid?

Also known as ‘Candy Ravers’ or ‘Kandi Ravers’, Kandi kids are a subculture consisting of Electronic Dance Music (EDM) enthusiasts. Having dedicated aliases or ‘rave names’, Kandi kids profess their love for both techno and happy hardcore sub-genres of EDM.

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