Which defect is observed in case of knitted clothes?

What are the eight knitting defects?

The major defects in Knitted fabrics be it flat knit or circular knit are as below:

  • Barre.
  • Streakiness.
  • Imperfections.
  • Contaminations.
  • Snarling.
  • Spirality.
  • Spandex Jump.
  • Spandex miss.

What can be major quality problems for knit fabrics?

Some of the other fabric quality issues may be Dyeing patches, Softener marks, Barriness, Crease marks, Skewing, Bowing, Contaminations, Needle/Sinker lines, thick and thin places in yarn, loose fabric structure, Oil Stains etc.

What are finishing defects?

Finishing defects

  • 1. …. …
  • The reasons like water, fiber sources & processing conditions is responsible for defects during wet processing. …
  • Causes Of Dyeing Defects  Due to Material: – Material having dead fibers or other defective fibers.

What is Spirality of knitted fabric?

Spirality can also be termed as fabric skew or fabric torque. Spirality is the problem which occurs when the wale is not perpendicular to the course direction. As the yarn is bent to form a loop, the outer part extends and inner part compresses.

What are garment defects?

Garment defects – During manufacturing process defects could occur like faulty zippers, irregular hemming, loose buttons, raw edges, improper button holes, uneven parts, inappropriate trimming, and difference in fabric colours.

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What are fabric defects and causes?

Glossary of Defects

Defect Severity
Drop Stitching Major
Dropped Pick Major
Drawbacks Major
Dye Streak in Printing Major

What are the common fabric defects?

The 23 Most Common Fabric Defects That You Should Look Out For During Inspection

  • Horizontal lines. A faulty bobbin (barrel that is used to hold yarn intact). …
  • Variation in the shade of the fabric. …
  • Stains on the garment. …
  • Uneven Printing Marks. …
  • Drop stitches. …
  • Misprinting. …
  • Crease marks. …
  • Barre.

What is yarn Patta?

Uneven Yarn Dyeing Bariness or “Patta”, is the main defect in the fabric, caused due to the uneven dyeing of the yarn. Causes: Uneven yarn dyeing, can be as a result of the mixing of the yarns of two different lots, causing variation in the dye pick up.

What is a sinker line in knitted fabric?

Sinker lines are prominent or feeble vertical lines appearing parallel to the Wales along the length of the knitted fabric tube. Causes: Bent or Worn out Sinkers. Sinkers being tight in the Sinker Ring grooves.

Which is the woven fabric fault?

Defect in a woven fabric where warp and weft threads do not interlace as desired. Broken end getting entangled with the adjacent warp ends. The breaks between reed and healds are more prone to form floats, especially when the warp loses its elasticity due to over stretching or over-backing during sizing.