Who created the Virgin and Child Mosaic?

What was the significance of Virgin and Child mosaic in the apse of Hagia Sophia?

The Theotokos mosaic of the Virgin and Child, in the central apse of the Hagia Sophia, is believed to reconstruct an earlier sixth century mosaic destroyed during Iconoclasm. It combines the Early Byzantine style with the new development of softer folds, increased modeling, and the addition of perspective .

Who is depicted in the Theotokos mosaic located in the Hagia Sophia?

Hagia Sophia’s Apse Mosaic: Formal Analysis

The east apse contains an image of the Theotokos and Christ Child, two archangels, and an inscription (Fig 3).

When was Theotokos mosaic made?

The Virgin and Child (theotokos) Mosaic, in the Apse of Hagia Sophia, c. 867 – Byzantine Mosaics – WikiArt.org.

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