You asked: How do you knit stitches from a stitch holder?

What does leave stitches on a holder mean?

Place stitches on stitch holder or waste yarn to keep stitches live to be joined, worked, or otherwise finished later on in the process. To do that, I will place stitches on stitch holder or waste yarn.

What do stitch holders do?

Stitch holders, also known as stitch markers, are tools that are used in knitting and crocheting to hold open stitches when not being used by the needles. … They are commonly used when finishing a side of an item, such as a sweater, and preparing for the kitchener stitch.

What can I use instead of a stitch holder?

A stitch holder can come in quite handy, but here are a few options on what to do when you don’t have one: any spare needle, straight or circular (use a cork as a stopper on the pointy end); a length of scrap yarn (use a yarn needle to slip the stitches onto the yarn and tie the ends together so you don’t lose any …

How do you use a double ended stitch holder?


  1. Remove either end cap of the Double-Ended Stitch Holder.
  2. Once removed, insert the cap to the opposite end of the holder.
  3. Slip the stitches onto the holder.
  4. Unhook the end cap to close.
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