You asked: What is a long double crochet stitch?

What is a long crochet stitch?

Long stitches (or spikes) are usually single crochet stitches that you work into either the tops of stitches or spaces between stitches one or more rows below the current row, creating a vertical spike of yarn that extends over several rows of stitches.

What is an elongated double crochet?

The long double crochet is very similar to a regular double crochet stitch. The only difference is that the loop you pull through the stitch in the beginning is drawn to a longer height. This allows the stitches to have a more open and textured effect as seen in the Sunset Stripes Ruana.

What is a long crochet hook for?

Longer hooks are used for Tunisian crochet to accommodate the lengthy rows of open loops characterizing that style. A form with hooks at both ends is also used for Tunisian and other types of crochet that cannot be made with the standard hook, such as cro-hooking.

How tall is a double crochet stitch?

Voila! One stitch made! Remember that the double crochet is the height of two stitches, just like the single crochet is the height of one stitch and the triple is the height of three. When starting a new double crochet row, you’ll want to chain two to get the height needed to start that new row.

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