You asked: What width should quilt binding be?

How wide do I cut fabric for binding?

Cut strips of fabric four times wider than the desired width of the finished binding. For example, if you want a finished binding that’s 1/2 inch wide, cut strips that are 2 inches wide (1/2 inch x 4 = 2). Fold the strip in half lengthwise with the wrong sides together (see a in the following figure).

How wide do you make binding?

Cut the binding strips to a width of 2.75”. This is my favorite width for double fold binding— not too narrow and not too wide but just right in my opinion. Cut the binding strips with a rotary cutter and quilting ruler just like you cut strips to make 9-patch blocks in my 9-patch quilt tutorial.

Should quilt binding be cut on the bias?

For a square quilt straight grain binding, meaning fabric strips cut cross grain or length-wise grain, will work well. If, however, you’re binding a quilt with curved edges, you’ll want to cut bias strips for your binding. The stretch in the bias makes it easier to maneuver the binding around the quilt’s curved edges.

How much binding do I need for a queen size quilt?

Yardage to Buy for Double Fold Binding

Yardage of Fabric to buy for 3/8″ or 3/4″ Double Fold Binding
Approximate Size Queen
84″ x 92″
1. Inches of Binding 352
2. Yardage to buy for 3/8″ finished width of Binding 3/4 yd.
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Can you buy quilt binding?

Quilters in the US can order directly from Kelli, and international customers can purchase her premade quilt binding from Southern Fabric. Kelli sent the premade quilt binding as a gift, with no obligation to blog.

How do you measure the width of a quilt binding?

Divide the number of inches of required binding by 40. To make the math easier to do in my head, I use 40″ as the width of the fabric from selvage to selvage. This will determine the number of strips needed. Our quilt requires 274″ of binding so divide that by 40 and you need 7 strips of binding.

How much bias binding do I need?

*The mathematical formula for this is: Multiply the number of inches around the quilt (the perimeter) by the width of your bias binding strips. Take the square root of that answer and add three inches. This is the probably the size of the square you need to cut for bias binding.