Your question: What are some popular scrapbooking themes?

How do I choose a scrapbook theme?

Color coordination and contrast will highlight and accent your scrapbook theme. A well thought out color palette can help outline the theme of a page, attract attention to precise items, or detract away from mistakes.

How can I make my scrapbook unique?

Re-purpose Photo Scraps

If you’re printing photos for scrapbooking on Lifeprint’s photo paper, the adhesive backing on the paper will make collaging a breeze. You’ll get to create a totally unique piece of art totally from your own photos!

Does a scrapbook have to have a theme?

There are many themes you can consider, for example, your grandson’s graduation album, your baby’s first year, your wedding, and so on. If you have no specific theme in mind, simply start off with a general album where everything you’ve scrapbooked will go in here.

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