Best answer: How do you make bias tape for T shirts?

What material is used for bias tape?

The best fabrics for making bias tape

Lightweight silks, cotton batiste, cotton voiles, cotton quilting fabrics, shirtings, cotton chambrays all make excellent bias. But you can be a little adventurous as long as the fabric is lightweight.

Is it cheaper to make your own bias tape?

With a few tools and an iron, a 1/2 yard of fabric is transformed into 9 yards of double-fold bias tape! It’s even cheaper than the pre-packaged stuff (which is typically 3 yards in length).

How much fabric do I need for bias tape?

Most likely, the majority of projects you make will require ½ to 1 yard of fabric for the bias strips. Of course, if you’re following a pattern, you should be provided with the size, type, and length required.

Can I use ribbon as bias tape?

Using commercially available ribbon is an alternative to using bias tape or manually cut straight- or bias-cut binding strips. More importantly, it can be more convenient to use as it is pre-cut and unrolls from a spool. Ribbon also adds a distinctive contrast depending on the project.

How do you make single fold bias tape without a bias tape maker?


  1. Cut Your Fabric on the Bias. Line up your fabric on your cutting mat and fold it diagonally. …
  2. Create Your Strips. Measure strips at a width of 2” and mark all across your fabric. …
  3. Connect the Strips. Square off the ends of your strips. …
  4. Stitch and Trim. …
  5. Create the Double Fold.
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Can you make bias tape out of knit fabric?

I have seen bias tape in the store especially for knits and it’s not Seams Great. You can use the same knit fabric for bias, only use straight of grain–I did this on a dress. You also have to stabilize the neckline so it doesn’t stretch.

Does bias tape need to be stretchy?

Bias tape is naturally stretchy and flows around curves gracefully, unlike fabric cut on the straight grain. This is what makes it perfect for finishing curved hems.