Best answer: How do you make easy pleated curtains?

How much fabric do I need for pleated curtains?

When deciding on fullness. Direct Fabrics use 2x fullness for all eyelet and pencil pleat curtains unless stated otherwise and recommend 1.5x fullness for front of house stage curtains. Direct Fabrics will always round up the widths to the nearest width to avoid wastage.

How far apart should pinch pleats be?

Standard spacing is 5 pleats per 54” fabric width, however can be adjusted to accommodate different fullness levels.

How full should pencil pleat curtains be?

Fullness Ratio is the ratio of the width of the curtain before pleating to its finished width when pleated or gathered. The higher the fullness ratio the more gathered and heavier the curtains will be. We recommend a Fullness Ratio of 2.4 to 2.5 for a pencil pleat curtain.

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