Best answer: Should I weave in ends before blocking?

Do you tie a knot after weaving in ends?


Knitted fabric can be very fluid, especially if you’re using slippery yarn. Over time, the knot can pull and distort the stitches around it. If you weave in your ends, a knot is totally unnecessary.

Do you need to block knitting after every wash?

You will not need to fully reblock a wool sweater every time you wash it, but you will have to reshape a little and let it dry flat every time, just as you would if it was a store-bought wool sweater. When in doubt about how to best wash your newly knitted item, always refer to the yarn label.

Does blocking make knitting bigger?

4. Hand wash, block them again without stretching, and re-measure.

How do you weave in weft ends?

Thread ends that stop over the last warp thread

  1. Bring the weft thread over and around to the back of the weave.
  2. Next tuck the thread into the backs of two weft “stitches” that are down one row and over one weft. Again pull the thread through gently and check the front of your weave for any issues.
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