Best answer: Should needle be up or down when you start sewing?

Do you start sewing with needle up or down?

Before you start any new line of stitching, make sure the needle is in the UP, or the highest, position. This will ensure that the thread is not pulled out of the needle as you start sewing. If you forget and the thread pulls out – don’t stress. It’s a very common mistake that beginners make.

Which way does the needle go?

Needle Flat Left – When sitting at your machine as if ready to sew, the needle should be installed with the flat side of the needle facing left. As you can see in the photos below, when the needle is inserted incorrectly the needle is moved over to the right ever so slightly.

What is needle up down?

marymary Nov 14, 2008 04:39am #1. LibbyBoo, a machine that has an up/down needle feature means that when you stop the machine the needle stays up, or stays down in the fabric.

Where should the thread be when you start sewing?

Insert the thread into the small hole at the bottom of the needle from front to back by hand or use automatic needle threader if your sewing machine has one. Then the thread must be drawn under the presser foot, located directly under the needle. VERY IMPORTANT: the power switch should be off.

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Do all sewing machine needles have a flat side?

The main parts of the needle are the shank, groove, eye and point. Shank: The shank is the top part of the needle that fits up into the needle clamp of the sewing machine. The front side of the shank is rounded, and the back side is flat. The flat side of the needle always goes toward the back of the machine.