Best answer: What does CB mean in knitting?

What does cr4r mean in knitting?

The Cross Four Right (C4R) :: Knitting :: New Stitch a Day.

What does c2 mean in knitting?

The 2/2 Cable Cross involves 2 stitches crossing over another 2 stitches. It’s worked over 4 stitches total, so here we have our 4 stitches ready and waiting on the left needle (LN). Step 2. Slip 2 stitches (one half of your 2/2 Cable Cross) purlwise from the LN to a cable needle (CN) or double-pointed needle (DPN).

What are crooked needles used for?

Curved needles help to keep the distance between stitches even every time they are used, simply rock it back through without having to turn your work over. Curved needles also work well with perforated paper and plastic canvas.

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