Can I use a different weight yarn?

Can you mix different weight yarn?

Some designs may use a different yarn than the rest of the project. This creates a unique look, much more different than just using one yarn for the entire piece. But you can also combine two or more yarns throughout. There is only one rule to follow, be sure that the care instructions are similar.

Can I crochet a blanket with different yarn weights?

I’ve made it 3 times here using 3 different yarn weights. The pattern works regardless of the yarn weight. Sure I changed to hook size to what is recommended for each yarn weight, but it still works. … Use the size to work out how many you need to make and then the weight to work out how much yarn you’ll need.

Does the weight of yarn matter?

Yarn weight is important for the success of your project. … If you use the needle size and yarn a pattern calls for and have more stitches than outlined, you should move up a needle size. If you have fewer stitches, move down a needle size. If you have the same number, you’re good to go.

Can I use DK instead of sport weight?

DK (double knitting) or Light Worsted yarns are generally above fingering/sock weight, but below worsted or aran weight. They are often about the same size as “sport” weight yarns, but are not necessarily interchangeable. Be sure to check gauge carefully.

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Can you mix cotton and acrylic yarn?

One way to minimize problems with two different yarns is to mix them in both warp and weft, and mix them frequently. If you alternate an acrylic with a cotton, one-and-one, for example, the yarns help each other reach a kind of compromise in the amount of shrinkage.

Can I use bulky instead of worsted weight yarn?

Bulky yarn knits up quickly on super large needles. Generally, two strands of worsted weight yarn can be substituted for one strand of bulky weight yarn.

How do you compare yarn weights?

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Yarn Weight Types of Yarn Knit Gauge/Needle Size
#3 DK, Light Worsted Weight 21-24 sts to 4″ on US 5-7 needles
#4 Worsted, Aran Weight 16-20 sts to 4″ on US 7-9 needles
#5 Chunky, Bulky Weight 12-15 sts to 4″ on US 9-11 needles
#6 Bulky, Roving Weight 7-11 sts to 4″ on US 11-17 needles