Can you decoupage with napkins?

How do you harden napkins?

Hang to dry on a washing line or over a radiator for a few hours, but don’t allow them to dry fully, you want a little dampness left in them to iron. Place on an ironing board whilst still damp and iron out all creases. Store flat until needed or fold once dry and crisp at once, should you need them right away.

How do you get wrinkles out of napkins?

Lay the napkin flat on the ironing board. Iron the entire surface until the major wrinkles are gone. Fold the napkin in half* and iron the surface, making a nice crease at the fold. You may have to flip the napkin over and iron the other side, depending on how wrinkled the material is.

Can you iron paper napkins?

Since our napkins are not a typical disposable paper napkin, they are perfect for ironing. I iron them just like I would a cotton dress shirt. Lightly spray the napkin with clean water to help get the creases out. … This way if there is any color bleeding it will not mess up your ironing board or your iron.

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