Frequent question: Do you need extension table for sewing machine?

What is a sewing machine extension table used for?

Extension tables used to steady fabric whilst quilting or for embroidery and regular sewing for large projects.

How big does a sewing table need to be?

Many standard tables range from 4 to 8 feet in length. Choose the length of the table according to what type of cutting you do and how much space you have. A table that is 4 feet long works best in a smaller sewing room.

What is a sewing machine extension table?

When you’re working on a project with large and bulky fabric, a sewing machine extension table helps keep everything under control. Extension tables are specifically designed for each machine, check your machine’s manual and our product descriptions to be certain the one you pick will work for you.

Can you put a modern sewing machine in an old cabinet?

A support board is installed inside the cabinet for the sewing machine to sit on and two top boards are cut to fit snug against the machine at the height of the needle plate. The sewing machine will then be recessed in the cabinet creating a smooth level sewing surface.

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