Frequent question: How do you French knit with your fingers?

How do you start French knitting?

You need to start by getting your yarn on your french knitter. Start by threading the yarn down the center of your knitter and bring it to the outside and hold it in place with your thumb. Make a loop around one of the hooks sticking off the knitter. Continue to loop your yarn around all the hooks going clockwise.

Can you knit with chopsticks?

Try using chopsticks as needles. I’ve met more than one knitter who learned to knit on chopsticks! The rounder variety is easier to knit with than the squared kind because they have a nice, tapered point. Bonus points will be awarded if you manage to knit your noodles with chopsticks!

Why is it called French knitting?

The yarn trailing down through the hole is given a tug to draw the knitted braid down through it. The cords so produced where used as piping to edge dresses. This is also refered to as French Knitting. (In Germany they’re called Nahliesle.)

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