Frequent question: What are the eight knitting defects?

How many types of fabric defects are there?

Different Types of Fabric Faults and Their Causes and Remedies

Sr. no. Defect Name Appearance
1 Crack Too few picks per inch in a certain area.
2 Float Distortion of in weft direction generally accompanies with warp break
3 Wrong Drawing Irregular pattern warp way in the cloth.
4 Leno Problem Leno end not holding correctly

What are finishing defects?

Finishing defects

  • 1. …. …
  • The reasons like water, fiber sources & processing conditions is responsible for defects during wet processing. …
  • Causes Of Dyeing Defects  Due to Material: – Material having dead fibers or other defective fibers.

What are dyeing defects?

Bleeding: loss of colour from a dyed fabric when immersed in a liquid or colour is discharged in to a liquid medium and transfer to another fabric. … A loss of dye of fabric or yarn up on wet treatment. The colour runs when wet and will stain on contact.

What are fabric defects?

A Fabric Defect is any abnormality in the Fabric that hinders its acceptability by the consumer. Importance: With increase in demand of quality fabric now customers are more concerned about the quality of the material. In order to fulfill demand of quality material it is importance to avoid defects.

What are garment defects?

Garment defects – During manufacturing process defects could occur like faulty zippers, irregular hemming, loose buttons, raw edges, improper button holes, uneven parts, inappropriate trimming, and difference in fabric colours.

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What is Barre defect?

Barré is an unintentional repetitive horizontal pattern in fabrics that is generally undesirable and considered as a defect. It appears as a lateral stripe pattern.

Which is yarn defect?

Yarn Faults / Defects:

A yarn which is not uniform is said to be irregular or to contain yarn defects or faults. These faults vary in their cross-sectional size and length. Yarn quality is influenced by various types of yarn faults which also affects the quality of fabric produced.

What are fabric defects and causes?

Glossary of Defects

Defect Severity
Drop Stitching Major
Dropped Pick Major
Drawbacks Major
Dye Streak in Printing Major

What causes Barre in fabric?

Barré can be caused by physical, optical, or dye differences in the yarns, geometric differences in the fabric structure, or by any combination of these differences. A barré streak can be one course or end wide or it can be several – a “shadow band”.