How do I slow down my sewing machine speed?

Why does my sewing machine speed up?

There are many reasons why your sewing machine may be traveling at speeds a turtle could pass. The machine may have too much lint in one spot, or there are dirt and lint around the feed dogs. Then you can check your needle to see if it is bent or broken. Or the speed control is set too low.

How do I slow down my Janome sewing machine?

When you come close to the end of the stitching or are trying to sew around a tricky corner, press and hold the start/stop button once more. Again, the machine will sew at the lowest speed to give you better control.

Does Singer sewing machine have speed control?

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Why is my sewing machine not running smoothly?

Lack of lubrication, lint buildup, a worn drive belt or a faulty drive motor can cause the sewing machine to run sluggishly. Clean and lubricate the sewing machine regularly (at least yearly) to prevent drive gears from sticking and causing sluggish needle or feed dog movement.

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