How do you attach a knitted collar?

How do you sew a knitted shawl collar?

Start knitting the shawl collar at the bottom left front corner of your cardigan. Knit up two stitches for every three rounds all the way to the shoulder. Pick up every stitch across the back of the neck. Then pick up two stitches for every three rounds on the way back down the right side of the sweater.

How do you put a collar on a sweater?

Using a 1cm seam allowance and a straight stitch:

  1. Sew a collar facing to a collar, right sides together, leaving one long edge open.
  2. Repeat for the other collar.
  3. Sew a collar stand facing to a collar stand, right sides together, leaving the space between the notches open.
  4. Repeat for the other collar stand.
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