How do you combine embroidery and floss?

Can you mix embroidery thread?

If you do a lot (or even a little) hand embroidery, over time you can accumulate quite a collection of embroidery floss and yarn. However it’s easy to make your own custom thread colors by combining single strands from different color threads. …

Do you use all the strands of embroidery floss?

To achieve the look of traditional cross-stitch, you don’t want to use more than 2 strands because the thread will be more visibly raised off of the fabric.

How do I stop embroidery from coming undone?

Thread a needle with the same floss color. Use that threaded needle to secure the back of the stitches by wrapping the threads around the remaining tail. This will keep the old thread from unraveling. Push your threaded needle to the front so you can re-embroider the stitches you have just removed.

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