How do you cure decoupage?

What do you use to seal decoupage?

The short answer is, use Varnish to seal your Decoupage Project to make it waterproof. Varnish is a Sealer for wood but it can be applied to a lot of different materials. Varnish drys transparent and glossy.

Is there a quick cure for Mod Podge?

You can speed up this process with a hair dryer, otherwise it will dry on its own in 1530 minutes, depending on the thickness of the paint Step 2: Cover the entire surface of the Modge Podge. This can also be increased with a dryer. Leave to dry for 2040 minutes without dryer.

Do you have to cure Mod Podge for 28 days?

It’s coat is glossy and shiny so will add a true varnish to your work. The most important thing about this dishwasher safe mod podge is that you really need to follow the instructions and cure for 28 days. Any shortcuts will cause flaws.

How do you use Modge Podge as a sealer?

When you apply Mod Podge to a crafting design, use side-to-side strokes with a proper brush, and apply one layer of the sealer. You should allow the Mod Podge coating time to dry properly before applying up-and-down brush strokes with another even layer of the sealer.

How do you apply Modge podge smoothly?

For an ultra smooth surface, apply 4 to 5 coats of Mod Podge Hard Coat. When applying the coats, brush in one direction then the other and let dry between coats. Wet sand with #400 sandpaper and water. Sand finish lightly until ridges are flat and smooth.

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