How do you decrease stitches?

How do you reduce stitches?

To do this, insert the right-hand needle into the first stitch and slip it to the right-hand needle without knitting it. Knit the next stitch. With the tip of the left-hand needle pass the slipped stitch over the second stitch. You’ve now worked a decrease and have one less stitch.

How do you decrease two stitches?

Slip one stitch as if to knit. Insert right needle through 2 stitches at once from left to right and complete knit stitch as usual. Pass your slipped stitch over the single stitch left after knitting the two stitches together. This creates a left-slanting double decrease, decreasing from three stitches to one stitch.

How do you decrease stitches at the beginning and end of a row?

Decrease at the beginning of a row, called “KSK PSSO”.

Put the needle in the second stitch as though you were going to knit it, but gently slip it onto the right needle. Knit the next stitch. Put the left needle into the front of the slipped stitch on the right needle as though you were going to purl it.

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