How do you do a c2c stitch?

What stitch is used for c2c crochet?

Essentially, c2c as a construction method is where you work a square or rectangle from one corner across to the next on the diagonal. You start with a single stitch or stitch pattern repeat, increase each row until you reach the widest part, then start decreasing on each row back to the opposing corner of your shape.

What is the right side of c2c crochet?

Your first row is usually the right side, so use that as a guide. Or you could use the odd numbered rows to identify the right side of your work. So, the formula is simple.

What is a C2C pattern?

Corner to corner crochet or abbreviated C2C is a type of crochet technique that is a block made up of three chains and three double crochets that work up in diagonal rows. You create little squares that connect and are worked in corner to corner. You can learn more about the C2C crochet stitch with the steps below.

Why is my C2C not straight?

Getting Rid of Holes in C2C

The reason you see the gaps in your work is because of the starting chain. Those holes in corner to corner are made when we work our DC or HDC in the starting chains from the previous row. No amount of tightening your tension can fix that problem.

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